How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

May 07

Need Help Finding the Right Roofing Contractor?

Finding the right Gainesville roofing contractor is one thing lots of people want to try. The main issue is that most people have absolutely no idea in what manner to start. Procrastinating about finding the right roofing contractor is not the way to start. Some would end up preparing for that, while not noticing they are on the incorrect path. It is absolute key to recognize that procrastinating about finding the right roofing contractor and finding the right roofing contractor are two entirely different activities. We will go over what specifically you have to do to find the right roofing contractor.

Even though we will help you think about locating the best roofing contractor, you initially ought to make sure that finding the right roofing contractor is suitable for you. Locating the best roofing contractor is not designed for just anyone, and you ought to think about that before preparing.
Before finding the right roofing contractor, it is beneficial to evaluate your everyday practices. Then equate that against an individual already able to save time and money on your roof. You ought to examine anyone that is productively doing that which you desire to accomplish. Then identify if you’re reflecting what they do. This is a beneficial starting place. Here are questions you might go over:

Ideally, you replied affirmative to these specific questions. Then probably finding the right roofing contractor is an appropriate match for you. Kudos for committing to that initial step forward toward realizing your ambitions by continuing to read!

Finding the right roofing contractor will not likely be the most difficult part of training. Finding the right roofing contractor is a lengthy process which entails on average 30 minutes. It is smart to be as primed as possible before beginning.

Watch it on YouTube!

These are a few instructions to encourage you to begin:

Asking Friends and Family for Recommendations

An important aspect of the foundation that is essential to find the right roofing contractor involves asking friends and family for recommendations. When you ask friends and family for recommendations, it trains you to be in the right frame of mind to accomplish the ultimate goal of finding the right roofing contractor.


Calling for Estimates

The most critical mistake that a person could make when attempting to find the right roofing contractor is failing on this imperative step. If you choose to not consciously observe calling for estimates, it will be tough. This is how contingent finding the right roofing contractor is on calling for estimates. In case you do not know how to call for estimates, then go on reading because we will explore that here!


Speaking with your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

a Roofing Contractor in Gainesville GaSpeaking with your Homeowner’s Insurance agent helps you find the right roofing contractor. Understandably, that can be difficult to get into the routine of doing that. Start speaking with your homeowner’s insurance agent each day, and that should become force of habit when you find the right roofing contractor.

Finding the right roofing contractor entails a little bit more than getting up one morning to say, “Oh, I want to find the right roofing contractor.” Maybe that can be a start. However to get some success with finding the right roofing contractor, you should initially invest mentally. Visit for more information on a roofing contractor in Gainesville, GA.

Three Reasons Why You Should Replace The Roof On Your Home

Three Reasons Why You Should Replace The Roof On Your Home

Jul 11

When you own a home you probably want to keep it as intact as possible for as long as you can. This often involves doing some preventative maintenance, but it also means that you need to keep a close eye on your roof. Simply having four standing walls is not enough to make a house. You have to maintain your roof throughout the life of your home, and at some point you are going to need to replace it. Understanding why this is important will help you to determine whether or not it is time to do so.

Metal Roofing Contractors - Roofing Repair

Roof Leaking Through Ceiling

Structural Integrity

You may have a beautiful home, but it will be lost if the roof is not functioning properly. When your roof is leaking or cracked, it could cause bigger problems down the road. A lot of otherwise structurally intact homes have cracked foundations and ceilings with water damage, and usually the reason behind this is a leaky roof. If you see the signs of an unstable roof, you need to start planning your replacement as soon as possible. Waiting too long could cause even more damage to your home as well as your pocketbook. If you need help finding the best metal roofing contractors in Georgia, these guys really helped me out — Mercer & Sons Roofing.


There is nothing secure about a roof that is leaking or in need of replacement. You could be innocently enjoying your day and your ceiling could coming crashing down on you and your family. After a while of being ignored, a roof in need of replacement can be quite dangerous. The saying goes, “a roof over your head.” It does not mention anything about “a roof on top of your head.” Keep yourself, your loved ones, and your guests worry-free when they are inside by promptly replacing your roof on the outside.

Curb Appeal

Aside from the safety concerns surrounding a roof that is in need of replacement, you probably want your home to look nice as well. Curb appeal is what drives up the value of your home when it is time to sell it. In addition, how your home appears on the outside is a direct reflection of how it is assumed to look on the inside. Regardless of how well-kept the interior of your home is, if it has no curb appeal your hard work will be for nothing. If you are anything like other homeowners, that is the last thing you want after all you’ve accomplished.


Getting your roof checked out by a professional every now and then is a wise plan for any proactive homeowner who wishes to keep their home intact for as many years as possible. Luckily, most roofing companies offer free estimates, so finding out whether you need a replacement is pretty easy and inexpensive. As a general rule, a home’s roof needs to be replaced about every ten to twenty years, depending on a few different factors. However, because it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry, you should be checking your roof’s condition on a yearly basis.  A Roofing Website ( can help with all of your roofing needs.

Ready to Raise the Roof?

Ready to Raise the Roof?

Jun 23

Perhaps you’ve noticed more leaks than usual. Are there missing shingles, buckling or other signs that something’s not right? Ideally, you should give your roof a checkup once a year. Although many roofs can last up to 20 years, the lifetime of your house’s roof will be affected by the climate and environment where your house was built. The materials and quality of the original work also be a factor in the roof’s durability.


Hiring A Professional, Or DIY Project?

Replacing a roof is not a task to be taken on by the faint of heart. There will be hard labour involved. Removing the old roof can be a particularly time consuming and strenuous task. In some situations you may be able to apply the new roof over top of the existing one. As with any home construction project, be sure and check with your local building inspector before starting any work. Roofing over an existing roof is not allowed in some areas.

If you are comfortable working with hammers and ladders and not afraid of heights, a DIY roof may be an option. It may save you some cash. Many building stores can offer advice and materials should you decide to take the DIY path. The internet has countless home renovation sites and YouTube videos that demonstrate techniques that may be of help.


Roofing Materials: A Variety of Options Available

Most roofs are made with shingles. Wooden, metal or asphalt shingles are very common. More expensive by far are ceramic shingles or those made from slate or other kinds of stone. Their high cost initially is perhaps offset by their durability. In some cases, slate shingles can last up to 100 years before they need to be replaced. The metal roofing, Athens Ga contractor Mercer & Sons Roofing installs is rated to last 50+ years.

There is an interest in roofing materials that are sustainable and also those that incorporate solar panels into their design. While rare in North America, thatched roofs made from straw or even sea grass have been used for centuries to provide protection from the elements. “Green roofs” are true to their name, being made from sod and cut turf.


Roof Design, Construction and Support

The design and shape that a roof takes often depends in great part on the conditions that it will be expected to endure. Roofs can be entirely flat or steeply pitched. In rare cases (such as a barn) a roof may be dome-shaped or arched. Custom-built houses exhibit a wide variety of shapes and support systems that are intended to compliment the homebuilder’s design choices.


Other Considerations

A roof not only affords protection from the elements but also can absorb or repel water and heat. You will need to carefully consider how much insulation your house needs. The roof itself may provide adequate insulation depending on the climate where you live. Alternatively, extreme environments will require that additional insulation be incorporated into the roof’s design.

Drainage is another issue that will affect the design and materials you choose when constructing your roof. Areas that experience high levels of precipitation will also need to make use of eaves and gutters to draw excess water off the roof and prevent damage. Take the time to do a bit of roof research. It’s likely to pay off in the end. If you decide to go with a professional roofing contractor, look no further than

How to Find the Best Company to Replace the Roof of your Home

How to Find the Best Company to Replace the Roof of your Home

Apr 29

At some point, whether you want to or not, you are going to have to replace the roof of your home. It may be in five years and it may be in twenty, but eventually the money is going to have to be spent in order to maintain the integrity of your house. Four walls is not enough to keep you safe and cozy; a well-kept roof is an essential part of living a satisfying life. In order for you to get the best deal possible you are going to have to figure out how to find the best company to replace the roof of your home when the time comes. We strongly recommend contacting Mercer & Sons Roofing in Athens, Ga

Assess your Needs

It is nearly impossible for you to know where to find the best deal when you do not even know what you need. Taking the adequate time to walk around your home and assess the problems will help you to determine whether or not the companies you are looking at can offer the services you need. You need to ask yourself if you need a complete replacement or just a simple repair. Sometimes, roofing companies will try to get more money out of you by claiming that you need more work that you really do. Save yourself some time and some cash by taking a quick look for yourself before you start searching for roofing companies.

Get Multiple Estimates

Because competition keeps companies honest and prices low, you should use it to your advantage. Getting a couple estimates from different companies is always a good idea, especially if you are not sure what all needs to be done to your roof. While you’re at it, be sure to let the competing company know what the other companies quoted you, as some businesses offer a price-match incentive. If you do this right and you take your time, you should be able to narrow down your search quite a bit.

Utilize Word-of-Mouth

Roofing companies know the value of word-of-mouth advertisement and so should you. Talking to your friends and family is one good way to find a great company to replace your roof. What’s more, having a quick word with your neighbors could lead you to finding a good deal as well. Take a look around at the houses in your area and see if you can gather any information as to who performed the roofing services. Without being a creep, see if you can speak with the homeowner at some point. If all else fails, you can at least get some ideas as to how you would like your new roof to look.

See the Better Business Bureau Records

Your friends, family, and neighbors might have some valuable insights, but there is nothing quite like the information you can gather about a business from checking the records of the Better Business Bureau. After you have narrowed down your search to a few options, run their names through the database just to be extra safe. It is free, it is easy, and it is the best way to find a good company to replace the roof of your home.